3 Most used functions to visualize your data

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Pandas is a great tool for managing and importing your data. And with this easy and small tutorial, I will go take you through some of the important and fast functions to plot your data with out the need to use matplotlib.

Let’s get started.

Import data using pandas:

First, we need to import the file which we’ll apply the functions on.

data = pd.read_csv('df3')data.head()

This is how the data file look like:

A guide to the confusion matrix and how to use it


What is the Confusion Matrix?

After building the machine learning model, we want to know how our model is doing. Can the model classify correctly or not. We do that by using a confusion matrix, which we use mainly for classification models. To get a better understanding of what is confusion matrix, let’s explain it in this example.

Tips to get your HTML ThemeForest website accepted


Submitting your first HTML website on ThemeForest may take a lot of work because you have to follow all guidelines they put. I’ve spent a lot of time uploading my websites on ThemeForest. Till I figured out the right way to prepare the item before submitting it, so all this tips i tried personally and they have worked for me.

So in this article, I will guide you through the most important tips you should follow and do before submitting your item.

These are all the tips which i will go through it with you:

  • Item name
  • Spacing and alignment

A full guide on how to implement a neural network from scratch with python using only NumPy.

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

I learnt this tutorial in the Udacity Deep Learning Foundation Nanodegree and thought to share my experience with you in this sentiment classification project and give a full guide on how to implement it.

You can get the source code & dataset from this link on github.


We are going to build a neural network model from scratch without using or or any machine learning platform. We will build everything from the beginning using so we can see the behind scenes of how the neural network works.

In this project we’ll implement a multiple layer perceptron…

Now you can finish your programming assignment in no time!

Imagine having a project that need to be done In a short time or It’s deadline is coming closer, that would be a nightmare for anyone but this might be a good dream with the help of artificial intelligence and NLP, Most of the work will be done using this both techniques let’s see how.

Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence, people developed a model that takes a description of your problem as an input and it generates a python code that solves these problem.

This type of technique…

You may be asking or searching what is gradient descent and how it works, In this article, I will briefly show you exactly what is a gradient descent So let’s get started.

Suppose we have a data set consists of three features and we want to know what features are more important.

So firstly we will give each feature a WEIGHT that weight shows how the feature is important if the weight is large then it’s important if it’s small then it’s not that important and will not affect the output.

These Weights are firstly initialized randomly and will be…

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